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Our friendly, approachable practitioners are all highly trained in Australia and the UK.

Each of our dentists are committed to making sure you receive the right treatments and services to meet your individual needs and goals.

They’ll take the time to give you a thorough examination, and chat with you to ensure you’re comfortable with your personalised treatment plan.

Then, they’ll work with you to help you achieve better oral health outcomes and improve your overall well-being.



Meet our Experienced Team

Dr. Scott Cooper

B.D.Sc. University of Queensland

If you’re one of the many people who have known Scott since the ’90s, you’ll remember his curly hair, taste in music and his jokes.

His loyal patients continue to come back to see him year after year thanks to his honest, quality work. They also know that he’s generous and kind… and maybe – just maybe – they also like his music!

Scott trained at the University of Queensland and worked in private practice in Tasmania, before choosing to make the Central Coast his home with his wife and three sons.

Scott began working in the practice in 1993, and eventually became a partner alongside Dr Andrew Moran and the late Dr Ewen Gault. Both former partners retired in 2009.

He has held the position of treasurer for the Australian Dental Association (ADA) Central Coast division for 10 years, and always encourages his colleagues to grow through continuing education.

He is a fellow of the Pierre Fouchard Academy, has undertaken dental volunteer work in the Northern Territory, and more recently, provided dental support for the U20 National Basketball Championships.

A highly experienced and respected practitioner, Scott’s easy-going and jovial nature has put many a patient at ease. He also offers dental treatment under general anaesthesia for those who are anxious or have special needs.

When Scott isn’t at work, he loves to be outdoors – whether it be a spot of fishing, a game of golf, hiking, biking or skiing. He won’t tell you his secret fishing spot… but let’s just say that Tasmania’s Currawong Lakes is one place he would visit again.

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Dr. Jeanne Chong

B.D.S. Sydney University

Jeanne is known for being a ‘kid whisperer’, and this may have started with the influence of her own dentist growing up.

A/Prof Richard Widmer showed her that going to the dentist was meant to be fun – riding up and down in the dental chair, getting nicknames and stickers, and colouring in your teeth to get the bugs out.

Jeanne loves to see the confidence of her young dental patients grow as they become comfortable with the dental environment. With your consent, she is able to treat nervous children under relative analgesia (known as ‘happy gas’) if it’s required.

Jeanne loves to see her patients’ wide smiles (and the look on their relieved parents’ faces!) when necessary dental treatment plans are completed.

Having joined the practice in 2002, many of her first young patients are now all grown up, but they’re still coming back – even if they live in Sydney.

Jeanne’s experience is not limited to treating young kids. She can offer a wide range of services including restorations, cosmetic dentistry, bridgework, dentures, implants and some wisdom teeth extractions on case selection.

Jeanne trained at the University of Sydney and graduated with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery in 2001.

Prior to Dentistry, Jeanne travelled to Cairo, Egypt, as a youth representative with an Australian Delegation to a United Nations Conference, and spent two years studying Computing Science and Arts/Law at University of Technology, Sydney.

Jeanne has also travelled as a volunteer to Cambodia and Bolivia. In Bolivia, she had the experience of extracting teeth with a limited set of instruments, and seeing the joy of grateful smiles from those in rural areas who would not normally have access to dental care.

Jeanne became a partner in the practice in 2004. She is married and has two young girls.

In her spare time, she loves cake decorating, travelling and skiing, good food and wine. But as we all know, it can be hard to find the time for these interests as a parent of young kids – so she’s happy to settle for a good cup of coffee when there’s a chance!


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Dr. Suzette Tabucanon

BDent., BMedSc. (Hons) Sydney Uni

If you had been a guest at Suzette’s wedding, you’d have been amazed at how many staff members have stayed in touch with her.

It’s a testament to Suzette’s friendly nature and her ability to make lasting connections.

Her patients benefit from her kind heart, too, along with her gentleness, sensitivity, patience and encouragement in the dental chair.

Suzette always delivers treatment of a high-standard of proficiency and care, so it’s no surprise that when Suzette graduated from the University of Sydney in 2007 with a Bachelors in Dentistry, she was also awarded the Brigadier Gordon Rowell Prize with Proficiency in Preventative Dentistry.

She also graduated with honours in her undergraduate studies in Medical Science and continues her education today, so that she may provide her patients with the benefits of recent advances in treatment.

Suzette’s first child, Polly, is a beloved teacup poodle, and she has many a story to tell about her. Suzette also has 2 young children, both joys to her and her husband.

In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her extended family, watching cooking shows and trying out new recipes.

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Dr. Alastair Brown

BDS Newcastle University (UK)

Alastair completed his tertiary training in 2008, and like many a Brit, worked for a short time in the UK before coming to Australia to enjoy our weather.

Alastair came to work with the Renwick Dental team in 2011, and he’s never looked back.

To our delight, he also met a beautiful girl on the Coast, and they now live in Terrigal with their two young daughters.

Over the years, Alastair has built a loyal patient base. His friendly nature puts people at ease, and he’s very down to earth and approachable. Coupled with excellent dental knowledge and a broad life experience, Alastair provides sound treatment planning, excellence in clinical dentistry, maturity and good communication skills.

Alastair offers a wide range of general dental services including restorations, extractions, cosmetic dentistry, bridgework and implants.

Outside of work, Ally enjoys snowboarding, skiing and triathlons. He is a keen morning exerciser at Terrigal to prevent the ‘Dad bod’, and loves a bit of DIY and spending time with his family.

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Dr. Caitlin Crowley

BDentSc, Charles Sturt University

When you first meet Caitlin, it’s easy to warm to her friendly and kind nature. Having grown up in Bathurst, she values family and her local community.

When she gets the chance, she loves to catch up with her family and friends on the Coast, in Sydney or back home.

Caitlin worked in the dental industry for over 10 years and did some volunteer work in Cambodia, while completing her degree in dentistry at Charles Sturt University.

Here, Caitlin achieved numerous academic and clinical awards, including the ADA (NSW Branch) Prize for the Highest Academic and Clinical Achievement and the Colgate Prize for the Best Overall Performance. She is also a member of the Australian Dental Association (ADA).

Caitlin joined the Renwick Dental team in 2017 and is a well-rounded clinician. She offers a high standard of care, with a particular interest in extractions, root canal treatment, aesthetic restorations, aligners and looking after children and anxious patients.

Caitlin improves her knowledge by attending continuing education courses and is a strong believer in the importance of oral health for maintaining a happy and healthy lifestyle.

In her free time, Caitlin loves running – she did her first half marathon about two years ago and plans to complete a few more.

She also plays soccer on the weekends for a local club, and when she can, enjoys exploring the sites of the Central Coast and trying out the local cafes.


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Dr. Valentine Dantel

B.D.Sc. University of Queensland (Hons IIA)

Valentine graduated from the University of Queensland in 2015 with honours, and then practised in Redcliffe and Rockhampton, Queensland before joining our team.

Before pursuing a career in dentistry, Valentine worked for the Australian Federal Government as a Quarantine Officer, and for a few years, he also operated an electron microscope that analysed mining samples!

An enthusiastic dental health professional, Valentine offers a wide range of general dentistry services and is furthering his skills in wisdom teeth removal and implants.

As a proud father of three, Valentine is also great with children, and enjoys seeing kids in the practice. His family recently moved to Terrigal and they look forward to being a part of our local community.

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Lana Brown

B.O.H. University of Newcastle, Hygienist

If you haven’t seen Lana at our practice before, chances are you still may have met her while you’re out and about on the Central Coast.

This is because Lana is a true ‘Coastie’ who grew up in the local area and went to school here.

She first came to our practice for high school work experience in 1999 and continued on as a dental nurse. Then, when Lana completed her Bachelor of Oral Hygiene in 2008, she became the practice’s first hygienist.

Lana has always possessed a strong work ethic, which is demonstrated by the enthusiasm she has to not only treat and care for patients in the clinical setting, but to also teach upcoming Dental Assistants at TAFE.

Lana keeps up to date with current infection control standards and treatments for oral health, and we have appreciated her sharing her knowledge in this area for staff training days.

As a hygienist, Lana has a keen interest in the prevention and treatment of periodontal disease (gum disease).

Under the training and mentoring of the late Associate Prof Dr Braham Pearlman, Lana was taught to appreciate the benefits of high standards in clinical care and prevention, and her attention to detail ensures that patients are satisfied with the outcome.

Lana would love to visit her extended family in Italy, but first, she’s hoping to become fluent in Italian. In her free time, Lana is also learning sign language with her three sons and enjoys boating and fishing.

She’d love to get out on the water a bit more, but she’s more often found maintaining the family’s local hobby farm with her husband!


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